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Birth Injury

Traverse City Birth Injury Lawyers

Detroit and Northeastern Michigan Birth Injury Attorneys

If your newborn's life has been forever altered by medical negligence in a hospital or clinic delivery room, birthing room or operating room, you do not have to accept this outcome.

An experienced Traverse City cerebral palsy attorney can seek out the physician or facility responsible and take serious legal action against them.

Our Skupin & Lucas, P.C., law firm has devoted over 30 years of service to families who have been wronged in the health care arena. There isn't a more innocent victim of medical negligence than a newborn. We can take that message, and every fact of your case — to a court — to present it to a judge and jury.

Take action now to get the justice you deserve. Legal action for your hospital birth injury crisis is too important to ignore or postpone. Contact any of our five Skupin & Lucas personal injury law offices for a free consultation.

We serve birth injury and brain injury clients in Greater Detroit, Wayne County and all of northeast Michigan. Call 313-961-0425 today.

If Medical Negligence Harmed You or Your Baby, Skupin & Lucas, P.C., Can Help

We evaluate your case, free of charge, if your newborn's birth injury resulted in:

  • Erb's palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hypoxia
  • Brain bleeding
  • Stroke
  • Acidosis

Our client-committed legal team also represents you if your newborn was subject to improper prenatal or neonatal care; if a problem was inaccurately diagnosed and treated; or if you suspect that medical negligence was to blame for a mother's wrongful death during childbirth.

When you walk into a courtroom with Skupin & Lucas birth injury attorneys by your side, hospital administrators and their insurer's lawyers take notice. Start protecting your rights today, with our help. Contact us by phone, e-mail or fax for a free consultation.

In Detroit, Call 313-961-0425 Now

Messages left after business hours are always promptly returned. If you are unable to come to us, we can arrange to visit you. But we urge you to speak to us immediately. Seek our experienced Alpena hypoxia lawyers today.

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