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Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Traverse City Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Skilled Representation for Victims of Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

The recent statistics are startling — millions of dog bites per year in the U.S. Almost a million animal attack victims seeking medical attention for their wounds. Total treatments that exceed 1 billion dollars per year.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyers in Detroit and Northeastern Michigan

If you have become one of these statistics, due to an attack by an animal whose owner was negligent, you should speak with our Skupin & Lucas, P.C., personal injury lawyers in Detroit.

We have seen how the dog bite and animal attack problem has grown dramatically during our more than 30 years of service. We hold accountable all negligent owners of dogs of various breeds, horses and even ferrets. We deliver quality representation to innocent victims of attacks by animals on public or private property.

The responsibility for a domestic pet's behavior in public lies solely with its owner. If a dog or other animal has bitten or attacked you or a loved one, resulting in serious injury, contact us.

We have the reputation for getting results that can give you confidence in your case.

Our full-service personal injury law firm serves dog bite and animal attack plaintiffs in Detroit, Wayne County and throughout northeast Michigan.

Skupin & Lucas, P.C., Personal Injury Attorneys Hold Animal Owners Accountable

Our hearts go out to the primary victims of dog bites and animal attacks — children. Youngsters between ages five and nine are often disfigured and traumatized by tragic confrontations with pets left to roam neighborhoods and parks. Many will fear animals for the rest of their lives. Others are required to undergo painful rabies shots.

The dog bite is now considered the second most common cause of serious childhood injuries, having moved ahead of playground and recreational accidents on the list of potential dangers. Dog bites also account for approximately one-third of all homeowners insurance claims.

At Skupin & Lucas, our compassionate lawyers aggressively protect the rights of animal attack victims of all ages. You have the right to exercise your freedom of movement without being imperiled by the negligence of a pet owner. If a biting dog has seriously hurt you, your child or someone else's child, we want to hear from you.

We are available to you right now by phone, e-mail or fax. Contact the client-committed Traverse City dog attack injury attorneys of Skupin & Lucas, P.C.

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Discuss your Alpena animal bite injury case today. Your message left after business hours will be promptly returned the next day. Call 313-961-0425.

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