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West Branch Paraplegia Accident Lawyers

Based on the severity of the impact and the segment of your spinal cord that is affected, a motor vehicle accident can ultimately result in paralysis. If you or a loved one has suffered paraplegia or quadriplegia following an accident caused by a negligent driver, contact our firm today.

At Skupin & Lucas, P.C., our West Branch paraplegia accident attorneys have more than 25 years of combined experience providing exceptional representation to injured clients. We understand the worry and frustration that comes with the diagnosis of spinal cord injury. An injury to the lower spinal cord, commonly referred to as the lumbar region, can lead to loss of movement and/or loss of sensation in the lower extremities. This type of injury can lead to life-long paralysis of the legs. By working with a skilled physician and knowledgeable attorney, we can gain a clear understanding of the impact of the injury and what changes are necessary to help you live a long, productive life.

Alpena Quadriplegia Injury Attorney

As opposed to paraplegia, quadriplegia generally follows an injury higher up on the spinal cord. In these cases, both the arms and legs are paralyzed. This loss of function can devastate an individual's ability to maintain gainful employment. Our lawyers will fight for the full and fair compensation possible for your medical bills, continued treatment, home health care worker and physical therapy. Count on our firm to vigorously work to stabilize your financial future.

Five Convenient Law Office Locations To Serve You

If you have questions regarding paraplegia and quadriplegia, contact Skupin & Lucas at once. The phone number to call in Detroit or the surrounding areas is 1-800-710-4811. You may also email or fax us. For your convenience, we can meet at the hospital or your home.

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